Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chapter 1 & 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our first E Mathematics Newsletter! 
Let's recall... 
(1) Do you fear of the subject Math when you were young? 
(2) Do you feel uneasy at the sight of numbers and symbols? 
(3) Are you concern about your child doing Math?

Fear Not! In this issue, you will understand more about what your child will be learning on Math Education. 

There are 6 principles that are fundamental to high quality mathematical education. It allows us to understand math education is more than just learning the content and its objectives. 

Our children learn mathematics by going through the 5 process standards:
(1) Problem Solving
(2) Reasoning and Proof
(3) Communication
(4) Connections
(5) Representation

The principles and standards also provides guidance and directions for teachers in math education. 

Do you know that Mathematics has a pattern of regularity and is in logical order? 
Doing Mathematics takes time and effort for both children and teachers as we need to generate strategies for solving problem, applying it for solutions as well as checking if the answer make sense. 

As Math Teachers, it is important that we bring fun to it by doing it hands on! Introducing concepts to children through different tools such as countable objects, unifix cubes, spinner, rod etc... 

So let's not fear of Mathematics, instead, embrace it with confidence and fun! 

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