Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 3 blog - Fraction

After the 3rd lesson, I realized that every problem given, there are several ways to obtain the answer.
When we are trying out answer, usually we will work out the easiest or the method we are taught to solve a problem. But each time Dr Yeap gave a problem, the question asked was " how many ways are there to solve this problem?" Through this question, it allowed us to think of more ways to solve and "push" us to think. This is one thing which teachers can facilitate in class to allow childreb to explore other ways rather than fixtated to one way of solving a problem.

One take away from the lesson is teaching with variation and not repetition. From the example of the topic on "matching" from matching with colours, size to 3-D representation to matching objects to its use, we are able to see how progressive the topic on "Matching" are introduce with different variation. With this progressive skill, it allows teachers to better access the child's abilities.

 Dr Yeap also shown example of questions  the topic on fraction and how it is taught progressively from pri 2 to 6. In order for young children to learn fraction or even any Math concepts, the CPA approach is the essential methods to teach.

This book consists of Hands-on activities and colorful illustrations provide an introduction to the concepts of math and problem solving for young readers through the presentation of fun and exciting fraction problems.

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